One Page Wonder

Get your professional website online by lunchtime.

Need a simple online presence NOW? You don’t have to spend tons of time and money on a beautiful, effective website.

One-page websites are the perfect way to get your business online quickly if you’re just getting started, or don’t have a lot of content just yet. It’s a great stepping stone to build on as needed.

Sample Sites


How it Works

1. Discovery Call

Book a quick 15 minute chat so we can determine if ‘One Page Wonder is a good fit for your website needs! If it is, book your day!

2. Complete Pre-Work

You will receive a streamlined google doc and checklist intended to collect all the details I need to design your beautiful and effective website.

3. Launch by Lunch

On the morning of our day together, we’ll keep an open line of communication all morning to get quick feedback until your website is officially online!

4. Post-Day Support

You will receive 2 weeks of free support to answer questions, provide training, or make minor edits (like typos).

Investment: $1,500


Take the First Step...

Complete the contact form or book a free discovery call today!

This website method is not for everyone. If you are organized, decisive, and good at 'doing your homework', then sign on up. But if you are highly detailed, need time to make decisions, or like to taste test every sample before committing to an ice cream cone, this type of project isn’t for you.

Absolutely! BUT - this method is dynamic and bottlenecks can occur. For example, if we get 75% through the project and then you decide you no longer like the colors/fonts/logo... we're going to need to reset, re-prioritize, and probably book additional time. That's an extreme example, but the point of the pre-work and pre-call is to avoid such situations.

Your day should be booked out far enough to get the pre-work completed in time. If 'life happens' and you are still unable to complete the work in time, you will be allowed to reschedule your day one time. If your pre-work is not completed by the date of the reschedule you will lose your morning (and your deposit).

This shouldn't happen. There is always an option to book another day or half day to complete any outstanding work we were not able to complete.

50% payment is due to book your day (via the online scheduling tool), and the other 50% due upon launching your website (via an emailed invoice)

All of my websites are hosted with a premium WordPress-specific host, with additional security measures that I manage. There are varying levels of 'website care plans' to choose from.

No, I do not write the content for you—but, if you’re writing it yourself, I do provide a workbook help guide you! Otherwise, I can also provide a recommended copywriting partner for you to work with.

I can provide a simple 'text logo' at no additional charge, but if you are interested in a full logo design (with options, colors, branding elements...) then I can refer you do a recommended partner to work with!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a beast of a topic, and when done properly, requires ongoing attention and care. While I can provide simple, best practice SEO if you know your keywords - any research, analysis, or in-depth SEO should be performed by experts in the field. I have recommended partners I can share with you if your website success depends on SEO and digital marketing.

I build websites in WordPress which is a very user-friendly and intuitive. If you are interested in making edits to your website, simply let me know and I will provide a video tutorial you can reference as needed for future edits. Otherwise, I offer discounted half day and full days to my existing clients for enhancements (like new features or new sections), or design refreshes (recommended every three years). Some levels of 'website care plans' (see hosting question above) that include discounted hours of my time for edits.